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Lead Generation Services

Advanced Business and Consumer Lead Generation from Infogroup Media Solutions

Developing the right leads in the marketplace will help your company achieve a higher degree of success and visibility in your chosen field. At Infogroup Media Solutions, we offer the most advanced lead generation services available in the industry. We provide you with solid consumer and business lead generation that targets the most likely customers for your products and services and helps you create the right campaigns to reach those potential customers and clients effectively.

The right leads for your B2B Campaigns
Generating new leads for your marketing efforts can be challenging for any business. In the B2B marketplace, these challenges can be even greater due to the limited information available to most companies. Infogroup has lead generation services that identify the warmest leads and deliver them to you quickly to convert and drive your new business revenue.

The right customers for your B2C Offers
New customers are essential to make a consumer company thrive. At Infogroup Media Solutions, we provide the innovative strategies to cost-effectively generate leads and grow your business—catalog, retail, online, publishing, fundraising, international. No other company has our depth of expertise, diversity, strategic tools and resources to give personal attention to your business needs.

It all starts with market research
We start with in-depth research on your industry to identify the core audience for your products and services. We then determine the best direct and online lead generation strategies to provide your company with postal, email and multichannel lists that target your core audience and help you make the most of your marketing budget.

Our lead generation solutions are second to none, thanks to the expertise of the Infogroup team, our extensive database resources; our comprehensive selection of managed business, consumer and nonprofit files; and our proprietary products and services that ensure your company gets the customer leads you need to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

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