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Intent Data

The Next Generation of Demand Generation

Intent Data enables you to feed the funnel with higher quality prospects that are showing signs of interest in a particular product or service. We sort through billions of online behaviors from content downloads, blog content reads, web cast registrations, keyword searches, social media activity and more to identify spiking domains and location. These intent signals are utilized to prioritize accounts that will be targeted with an email featuring your assets, and generate leads using your audience criteria.

How it Works

  • You provide content for a co-branded email
  • Form submission data is verified and scrubbed within 24 hours
  • We execute the content push to hot spots
  • Leads are delivered to you weekly



  • Leads are 100% business email addresses
  • All leads are triple-check verified prior to delivery
  • Complete business card information provided to allow sales contact through preferred method and channel
  • Lead delivery can be integrated with Salesforce or any CRM for instant and seamless feed into your nurture program
  • 100% Lead Accuracy

You don’t want to miss potential customers because you didn’t identify intention. Now you can build a more direct and seamless marketing strategy aligned with signals your targeted prospects put out. By understanding their intent, you can identify what stage of the buyer journey they are in and deliver the right message at the right time to give them a push toward a desired action.

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