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Data Management Services

Leading Data that Gets Results & Generates Revenue

Infogroup Media Solutions Data Management delivers two indispensible services for the direct marketing community:

  • Top Performing Lists & Media: For mailers, marketers and brokers seeking highly responsive media, closely targeted to their specific audience, we deliver prospect files to acquire new leads and, ultimately, loyal customers. Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of B2B, B2C, and Nonprofit response lists and compiled databases. Our response-generated managed files come from some of the most prominent consumer and business brands in the world. They are all generated from quality sources and get the ROI results you’re looking for!
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  • Maximum Income Generation for Data Owners: Our experienced team of data management professionals will represent your file to the direct marketing community via proactive selling techniques, aggressive marketing/promotion and tactical strategies that generate the highest possible revenue for your business. We partner and manage lists for publishers, catalogers, online and retail marketers, nonprofit organizations, education/seminar firms, professional membership organizations and many more. No other media managers offer a higher level of attention around your database and customer asset when it comes to advertising, sales, marketing, data processing, enhancements, customer service, and overall reporting of performance metrics.


When you rent your marketing data to other direct marketers, you are virtually guaranteed a steady flow of income. Organizations of all types and sizes find list rental a simple, efficient way to increase revenue. Renting your list can also give you reciprocal access to the direct marketer’s database for your own internal corporate prospecting.


How do we ensure the best results for you? Infogroup Media Solutions takes an integrated approach to marketing your mailing list that includes the following:

  • In-depth competitive market analysis and research to determine the real value of your list
  • Identification of all possible mailer prospects to use your specific list/market demand
  • Advanced refinement and customer list enhancements that increase the value of your data
  • Proactive list sales strategies to widely promote your list to appropriate marketers
  • Tremendous cross-sell opportunities for

    your list

  • Experienced list managers


Whether your data has been on the market for years or is new to the market, your continued success is our main priority. That’s why we set up your file, take security measures to protect it, promote it, and manage all order transactions and collections on your behalf. Our highly skilled team of specialists can fine-tune your list to increase its usability and value in the marketplace.

Contact us to see what value we can provide as your

  • Mailing list manager
  • Email list manager
  • Source for quality consumer and business prospect names
  • Data enhancement partner


Our sales staff is dedicated to keeping ahead of trends, opportunities, and new developments in the market to ensure the highest possible revenue generation for your business success.