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List Brokers - Strategic Marketing Partners

Elite List Brokerage Services for Maximum Results

Infogroup Media Solutions offers an extensive array of brokerage services for customer acquisition to jumpstart your company's multichannel campaigns and ensure optimal visibility in the local and global marketplace. Our media / list brokers are marketing partners who will share your marketing vision and the responsibility for campaign execution and profitability. The benefits of partnering with Infogroup for brokerage include:

  • Support from a seasoned, dedicated team with extensive acquisition experience in the B2C, B2B and nonprofit markets
  • Expert mail planning and analytical process and services
  • Strong multichannel strategies with proven success among marketers
  • Improved acquisition and retention efforts through superior and extensive data from one of the largest compilers and brokers in the U.S.
  • Relevant market research on your most likely customers, identifying key demographics and pinpointing underserved communities within your core audience
  • Both data and digital services from one provider
  • Targeted and refined media & lists that deliver more traffic and sales for your business
  • Ongoing monitoring and measurement of your sales


At Infogroup Media Solutions, we do the work of researching and developing the most effective media for your entire range of marketing needs. Our in-depth knowledge of marketing demographics and targeted advertising makes us a valuable resource for your ongoing promotional campaigns.


Multichannel brokers you can rely on

Our highly experienced brokers ensure that you target the right consumer, business or nonprofit groups and demographics to achieve maximum return on your marketing investment. We deliver media that are fine-tuned to your corporate needs and that reach the customers you need most in the competitive marketplace. By putting our knowledge and experience to work for your company, you can enjoy enhanced sales and improved market position within your industry. We serve a wide range of corporate clients from Fortune 500 companies to start-up businesses. Our mailing list brokers are expert email brokers as well, and offer the multichannel solutions you need. Our exceptional knowledge of the marketplace sets us apart and ensures that we can deliver excellence for your company. We know what works, and we put that knowledge to good use for your marketing campaign.

The leading edge in customer acquisition

Infogroup Media Solutions offers elite direct mail services for your company's ongoing marketing needs. Our brokers work with your company in the following ways:

  • The expert Infogroup team collects information from you on your products, services, and geographic areas served
  • We perform comprehensive market research that identifies the most likely markets and consumers for your company's products and services
  • This data is then cross-checked with our extensive line-up of proprietary mailing databases and other relevant lists
  •  We fine-tune the results and deliver targeted recommendations for your company's specific set of needs

Our integrated approach to marketing ensures that you will reach the right consumers and that your overall strategy will enjoy the highest possible success.

At Infogroup, our commitment to your company's success sets us apart from other brokerage firms. We deliver integrated solutions and expertise unlike any other in the business:

  • Our negotiation strategies on behalf of our clients are at the core of what we do.
  • Our objective is to target the right prospect at the right cost for immediate bottom line impact on ROI.
  • Infogroup is financially secure and stable, making it a reliable partner in your marketing campaigns
  • Innovative and responsive to market change, we deliver cutting-edge brokerage and marketing services
  • Our proactive approach ensures maximum responsiveness as market conditions change
  • We offer turnkey solutions that give you added control and flexibility
  • Infogroup has an established reputation for excellence in all areas of the direct marketing field

At Infogroup Media Solutions, we go the extra mile to provide you with the brokerage services needed to invigorate your company's marketing campaign and put you on the road to success.