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Is Your Database Delivering? Essential elements of a Hardworking B2B Database

You know that your database is essential to creating meaningful connections with your prospects and customers. But with so much data available (and constantly changing) how do you determine what data is essential, where to find it, and how to keep it squeaky clean?  Join us for this free seminar to discover the essential elements you need in your database and learn where to find this data internally and externally, how to fill in any (inevitable) gaps, and how to keep your data fresh.

5 Ways to Create a More Profitable Customer Database

Join Jeff Mungo, Vice President, B2B Services, Infogroup Targeting Solutions, presenting 5 ways to create a more profitable customer database.  Learn how  your customer database can save your business money, lift ROI and improve customer loyalty.

The New Face of Email:  Integrating Social, Triggers, Rich Media and Personalization into B2B mailings and more!

With email being more popular than ever and changing constantly, this webinar covers how email has expanded its capability to include social, triggers, rich media and personalization as well as B2B mailings and more.

Multichannel Marketing for Business: New Ways to Find and Convert B2B Prospects – and How They Really Work

This webinar speaks about new ways businesses can find and more importantly convert B2B prospects - and details on how these new ways actually work. Join Jeff Adee of Infogroup Targeting Solutions and other B2B industry leaders as well as host Thorin McGee, Editor in Chief of Target Marketing Magazine.

Integrated Marketing Virtual 2012 session: Next Generation Analytics: Big Data in the Multichannel World

This Live Recorded Session was part of the Integrated Marketing Virtual (IMV) Conference sponsored by Infogroup Targeting Solutions. This webinar discusses how online, multichannel and attribution analytics can help businesses realize their full potential.

DM Days 2012 session: Truth, Lies and Marketing: Industry Leaders Weigh in on Today's Hottest Topics

Listen to this session where industry leaders weigh in on truth, lies and marketing on the hottest issues.

Retail Online Integration's "Fast15": Strategies for Choosing a Top-Performing Mailing List

Retail Online Integration's "Fast 15" is a high-speed, FREE, online session with ideas you can take to the bank! This installment is all about choosing the right mailing list, and is sponsored by Infogroup Targeting Solutions.

This Fast15 presentation will provide the tips you need to ensure you're selecting top-performing mailing lists, helping to turn your print marketing efforts from a resource drain to profit-generating endeavors.

The Power of Transactional Data

Join Stephen Yu, Vice President, Data Strategies, Infogroup and Jeff Mungo, Vice President, B2B Services, Infogroup Targeting Solutions, where they will examine types of data currently available to marketers, how advanced are the analytics they are employing on various types of data, and sources for transactional data. Since co-op companies are the largest and the most successful compilers of transaction data, the co-op environment and their eco system will be discussed as well, covering various types of data consortiums and business models.

The webinar covers:
• Various data types: Differences between basic demographic / firmagraphic data and transaction data
• Basic analytics and statistical modeling
• Typical usage cases of transaction data in advanced analytics
• Different types of co-op companies

AAeM 2011 session: Email Acquisition Best Practices for B2C and B2B Marketers

An email database is the backbone of  a successful email marketing program.  This webinar covers best practices for email acquisition for both B2B and B2C Marketers.