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TargetReady Models® for Efficient Prospecting

TargetReady Models Energize Your Marketing Campaign

Today, you as a marketer need to be more efficient and effective in the way you market your products and services. Infogroup Media Solutions helps you look beyond the traditional selection methods and create more robust prospect lists based on consumer targeting. Predictive modeling has long been proven to be one of the most efficient and accurate targeting tools to capture complex attributes in an easy-to-use fashion.

Our TargetReady Models will help you select your future prospects with pinpoint accuracy and reach your customers with relevant offers and products.

Are you looking for prospects who are:

  • Green & environmentally-conscious
  • Frequent travelers for business or pleasure
  • Religious donors
  • Music concert attendees for different genres
  • Interested in home improvement
  • Heavy investment traders
  • Wine lovers
  • Adventure seekers
  • Avid cell phone users
  • Heavy book buyers
  • Politically leaning towards liberal or conservative causes
  • Sports fans with an interest in specific professional or college sports


Infogroup Media Solutions will help you reach these users and more with TargetReady Models. More than 90 models are already available to cover the most commonly used categories. New target segments are continually being researched and added to the list, providing you with even more options and flexibility in your marketing campaigns.

TargetReady Models are pre-built, ready-made marketing answers, designed for immediate implementation so you can quickly begin to match your customers and prospects with your most suitable products and services. A clear and simple scoring system easily identifies which individuals are most or least likely to respond to specific offers and products.

The benefits of TargetReady Modeling include:

  • Extensive category list: covers major behavioral and attitudinal categories
  • Increased coverage: models built with a full array of consumer demographic and psychographic data elements and resultant model scores available for every record in the Infogroup Consumer File
  • Significant cost savings: pay-as-you-go convenience without any upfront development cost
  • Easy access: incorporate TargetReady Models into your target selection process to fine-tune your prospect universe and append model scores to your existing customer data for added insight

At Infogroup, our expertise in consumer data and targeting models allows us to deliver TargetReady Models designed to zero in on your potential customers and provide added value to your marketing efforts. This advanced system is perfect for fast-paced marketers who yearn to enhance results of 1-to-1 marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

Check out our managed consumer and nonprofit files offering TargetReady and other Models: View Modeling Data Cards