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Customer Data Management & Managed Lists

Elite Customer Data Management Services from Infogroup

Infogroup Media Solutions offers cutting-edge data management services to enhance your existing customer data and provide you with added information on your most likely target audience in the consumer marketplace. Our consumer data management solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of your company and provide a real competitive edge over your competitors within your industry.

Our trained market analysts and data management experts can provide your company with real guidance in achieving solid customer data management. At Infogroup, we work with your existing data or provide you with integrated managed consumer data solutions to boost your visibility and increase your revenues and sales in the competitive marketplace.

Our Managed Lists: We manage hundreds of specialized, response-generated lists, individual titles and robust databases to target your most likely prospects—catalog and online buyers, subscribers to specific magazines and publications, donors and members with special interests. Many of these lists also offer enhancements and selects to fine-tune your prospecting and reach the precise audience to respond to your campaign.

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