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B2B Data Management

B2B Data Management: Meeting the Needs of Industry

At Infogroup Media Solutions, we deliver multichannel marketing solutions that get results for your business. We offer the best in direct mailings, email, telemarketing, and multichannel services for your B2B data management needs. Our managed B2B data include the following industries and many more:

  • Construction – Target the top construction firms in your area or nationwide with our Building and Construction B2B lists. We manage the best data for architects, property managers, general and sub-contractors, builders, remodelers, and many others in this field.
  • Engineering – We have access to some of the most comprehensive customer data lists in the engineering field to help your company market your goods and services more effectively to professionals in this fast-paced and demanding line of work.
  • Small business owners—If your company serves the small business community, Infogroup can help with proprietary and 3rd-party data rental services that will identify your most likely target audience in the vibrant and growing small business marketplace.
  • Health care providers – We can provide you with targeted mailing lists that focus on physicians, clinic administrators, hospital facility managers, and other professional medical personnel to ensure maximum saturation in the health care vertical.
  • IT – In the ever-changing world of computers, it is more important than ever to have a list that is updated regularly. We have several choice IT-related files to help you reach current contacts ready to buy your computer-related product or service.
  • Attendance lists for seminars and conferences – A must for companies that provide instructional services or specialized products for upwardly mobile business professionals, Infogroup Media Solutions can provide targeted lists of attendees at various seminars, conferences, and major industry events to give you an edge in reaching these business contacts directly.

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At Infogroup Media Solutions, we deliver the targeted mailing lists & media you need to succeed in every industry, allowing you to proceed with confidence in your direct marketing endeavors.