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Infogroup Media Solutions PROSPECTOR Consumer Database

PROSPECTOR Consumer Database from Infogroup Media Solutions has all the elements and features highly sought after by direct marketers. This powerful, unique new database of true response names is a multi-title blind source comprised of consumer lists of all sizes and diverse categories including catalog/retail, nonprofit, membership, and publishing with hotline names added monthly.

The rich blend of buyers, subscribers, and donors is highly selectable and overlaid with Infogroup’s full suite of enhancements which includes multi-sourced demographics, shopping cart/purchase data, lifestyle selections, Infogroup persona clusters and donor data—setting the gold standard for response.

PROSPECTOR Consumer Database delivers:

  • Large responsive universe with hotline names added monthly
  • Names sourced from 100% direct response lists, not compiled
  • Category diversity creates a wealth of new targeting opportunities
  • Diversity of source file sizes including prime prospects from many small files that otherwise may have been too small to test
  • Enhancements including multi-sourced demographics (age, income, child age, etc.), shopping cart/catalog/retail purchase data, donor attributes, and persona clusters
  • Full modeling and analytics by our top-notch team with no upfront costs to build models Modeling Data Card
  • Database participation is not required to access PROSPECTOR

PROSPECTOR - connecting mailers to millions of buyers, donors and subscribers

For a targeted recomendation or to learn how to become a member, please contact:  Christopher Goodwin, 402.836.5120