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Fundraising & Nonprofit Donor Databases

Apogee and Infogroup Deliver Excellence in the Fundraising Field

For charitable and not-for-profit organizations, a steady supply of donations is typically required in order to ensure adequate funding for continued operations. The Apogee donor database is an ideal promotional tool for nonprofits and other public service organizations. Conceptualized and created by fundraising specialists, Apogee is a comprehensive consumer database and research tool for identifying and reaching potential donors in the competitive fundraising marketplace.

Cross-referenced and enhanced with the proprietary Infogroup Media Solutions database array, the Apogee fundraising database offers unmatched information for creating a fundraising campaign that will achieve the needed and desired results. Apogee incorporates more than 1 billion data points for maximum reach in target demographics. Because more than 30 percent of all records in the Apogee nonprofit database also incorporate email addresses, your company will enjoy access to low-cost direct marketing methods to achieve outstanding results. Infogroup Media Solutions and Apogee can help your organization achieve a higher degree of success in the fundraising world and enjoy greater financial stability as a result.