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Digital - Email Hygiene

Email hygiene is a critical factor in the success of all email campaigns. Bad email addresses not only land in SPAM filters but, as ISPs are more vigilant than ever, bad email data also put you at risk of a bad sender reputation. Our email hygiene services solve the problem by cleaning your data and significantly improving response potential.

• Our Email Update Service seeks out an alternate email address when an existing address ages off the database through hard bounce or inactivity.
• Our Global Suppression Table will match and flag known hard bounce records, opt outs, DMA Suppression, and various other hygiene drops, reducing the likelihood of reaching undeliverable records, spam traps, or people most likely to opt out.
•IP Address Hygiene will find and eliminate email addresses associated with known questionable IP Addresses

The quality of your email list has a huge impact on your rate of return from email campaign investments—more opens & clicks, the better the response rate and overall marketing success. 

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